Thursday, May 29, 2014

Augoror: Logi on drugs!

Here comes another hull which I repurposed and where I completly ignored any bonus the ship would have.
I present you: The battle augoror!

I used my favorite flavour of fitting a ship: Cap boosters and active armor tank


Don't do drugs, unless its eve

This was the first time I actually started using boosters to work a bit more efficent and for some situations they can really be a lifesaver. If you are new to drugs here is the short version:

They are strong boosts of your ability in one filed, like armor repair, falloff or things like that. They only last for a certain amount of time. Unless you take the weakest version there is a chance of getting one or more side effects, which will increase things on your ship, like overall HP on armor or shield, Capacitor or other things.

Lets look at the one I used on this ship:

It boosts my armor repair output by 20%! That is HUGE. Every one of those Side effects have a chance of 20% to occure. None of them would completly cripple me but armor hitpoint penalty and/or turret tracking penatly are the ones affecting the ship the most.

Now with live killing

So another thing I will utilize a bit more in the future: Twitch! Yes, I started streaming my roaming through null and lowsec and the first stream was a great success. Here is the problem: I fucked up the archivment of my broadcast, so now I don't have any recordings from that part :(

So what happend with this little ship. Well: I liked it so much, that I didn't stopped after the first kill. First stop: Home sweat home. I was just in the usual camping systems playing with people jumping through. A guy with a stealth bomber entered the system and he always uncloacked in random belts. He was actually ratting ... with a  stealth bomber ... in a hostile system. So I did the only thing I though reasonable: Chatting with him and making him feal safe:

Earlier I linked a logi augoror fit and told him I can help him by repping him up. After some time he believed me and I was able to get into range for scramming him.
Yes, that fit was bad and that player was fairly new to the game. We chatted for a few more seconds, he gave me a bounty and told me he wasn't mad ... I still think he was.

This time for real?

Once again I went to P3 (I didn't had much time that day).

So I was sitting on this bubble on the only outgate from the lowsec gate in system. An enemy way jumping in and an enyo showed up on Dscan. This was the perfect time to play the victim: I wen on the edge of the bubble in the direction of the lowsec gate and slowboated towards the outgate. For everybody landing on the gate, it must have looked like a ship struggeling to get to the gate after landing in a bubble.
The enyo warped down, engaged and was suddenly faces with a scram from a logi cruiser ... and neuts ... and guns ... and drones. See for yourself:

Now lets look at the some footage about this:

No comments this time ... I am still working with diffrent cutting tools and this time I wasn't really scuccesfull with the voiceover and just gave up.

The end of logic

So this is the story how I met your ... wait, no ... the story of how I lost my augoror.

I was streaming and started roaming. From Geminate, Kalevala, Eitherium Reach, Great Wildlands down to Curse. In Curse I had my first engagement with a sentinel who first was hesitating to kill me.
In the end he decidet to engage and I was able to grind him down fairly quickly. Thanks to the capbooster he wasn't able to neut me out.

I went further into the region and finally endet up in Catch. Thanks to some dotlan intel and checking the kills in certain systems I knew that there was a frigate gang ahead of me camping a gate. I went in and tried to split them. I was able to tank two of them and waited for the rest of the gang to arrive. When they did I jumped next door and tried to split them, but most of the enemies warped off.

I decidet to take the fight one gate further, but they killed off my drones very fast and I was tracking disrupted heavily, which made it hard for me to apply any DPS. I was able to stay on field until my Ancillary went out of charges after a bit of time.
I died gloriously.

The sad part is, that twitch swalloed the recording I was talking about earlier. OTherwise I would have shared it with you.

So here is the list:

I already have made more kills and now just need to do the writing up. JFs with more ships also arrived so stay tuned for more content.

Here is my twitch channel if you want to follow my broadcasts there:

Friday, May 23, 2014

Thrasher: Artillery vs. Autocannon

What a nice and versatile ship! Having enough of those can be a lot of fun with arties. I never seen stealthbomber explode that fast!
So I went out with two diffrent fits again: One is a brawling, plated autocannon Trasher.
The other fit is equipped with arties for some kiting. Here are

The Fittings

The Brawler one:

The Kiting one:

Dying and Killing, all the same

My first death on my way to get the solokill happend on an extendet roam through Curse & Catch. It wasn't really interesting up to the point, where I met a frigate gang and got blobbed.

It took some time, until I went out again with the MWD trasher. This time I went to FW space. I was nearly done and heading back, when I spotted a Hookbill in a small complexe. With a "Fuck it, I am faster home, if I die" attitude I just went in, established orbit and started fireing. I didn't even took any damage when the Hookbill died. I checked the pilot and realized: Damn, thats a really new guy. I started chatting with him a bit and gave him some advices on ships, tactics and some websites, where he could check for more infos on pvp tactics and fitting advice.

Another ship done. I guess I need to make a little giveaway once I hit the 20 ship mark.

Here is the Video:

I have been a bit slow on the writing up during the last few days, but I try to catch up with the videos and the writing.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Caracal Video

Hey Everybody. It took some time for me to get that video ready, as I went from using Windows Movie Maker to Lightworks. Downside: The free version only supports 720p, so I might need to switch the programm again. Next time I need to make the audiotrack a bit louder.

If you have any ideas what kind of software I could use to give you a full HD experience, please leave a comment or a message.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Caracal: Size Matters (Part 1)

You guys watched the module and ship rebalance panel? Rise and Fozzy talked about the rapid light missile launcher and that it became very popular after the last rebalance pass. So here I go now and want to use them, too. Best ship for that in my opinion: The caracal.

Talking about CCP Rise, known as Kil2 before he joined CCP: He used a HAM Caracal fit which is probably more efficent at killing targets of the same size. This is why, eventhough I reached my goal by getting a kill in this ship I want to give the caracal another try with heavy assault missiles.

The Fitting

I have flown a lot of active armor tanks, so it was time for some shield tanking. Again: Active tank.

This should work against any frigate or destroyer that you can engage. How it works against cruisers: You will see.

 The Kill

I tried a new route roaming through the northern region. The western parts of Vale are rented out, so they might attrackt some people roaming through it. I hoped for a small frigate gang, but found a single frigate. By playing dumb and not locking him, but slowboating back to the gate he probably thought of me as an easy target. On the other side of the gate he engaged, so I shot back. Those RLML just slaughter frigates:

I wasn't happy, though. I wanted to test this ship.

The Death

Next stop: Geminate.There was another guy from my Corp out for some solo action which made at least one guy not engage with "I know you have backup" in local. So I kept on warping around in MR4-MY, as its a system is on a triangle between the space of 3 enteties and it has an NPC nullsec station next door. A few minutes later there was a Thorax (one with those special painting) on a gate. Warping to 50km is a good way to lure the other person away from the gate. He hugged the gate, so I started applying DPS from far away and tried to lure him off. When my ship came closer to the gate it suddenly fired and two new ships entered systems. I alligned out and hit my MWD to get some range and asses the situation further. A Stabber Fleet Issue decloaked close to me and directly went for me: I should have warped out when I could, cause he pointed me, I died:

So what was the lesson here: RLML are really bad against any ship bigger then a destroyer. With a Heavy Assault missiles I could have killed the frigate and might have been able to take one of the other ships down. So as the title says: Size matters ... even if its just the weapon system.

More Videos

I finally took the time and started using Lightworks for cutting my videos. I needet some time to wrap my head around it, but I hope I can improve the quality of the videos with it. You will need to wait a bit longer for the caracal video though.

The chart and why this isn't the end of the caracal

The Caracal is a nice ship: Its cheap, it has a good selection of dps types, its fast enough for most jobs. I will definitly go out with it again and shoot stuff and I will do a part 2. Here is the challenge chart:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Magnat: Just Scanning here, no need to bother

The last three ships were bigger ships, but I still have a lot of frigates left, in which I need to make a Solo Kill. I picked the Magnat for that reason. With an exploration ship you can do a lot of scanning, so lets talk about that:
 Just kidding, this blog is about kills and the internet can tell you more about scanning. So here is the more interesting part: How to get an exploration frigate to be a combat frigate.

The Fitting

I think in a 1v1 situation an active tank is the best choice, so I gone with one of those again:

I designed this fit to counter interceptors. They think you are prey and get at 0 with you on the gate. Either they attack you and you have them in perfect scram range, or they pull range and attack: You jump. If they wait, just attack back, either you force them through or they bite.

The Kill

This really worked like a charm: I had a day off, so I was in Pureblind again. I was on my way back when a Claw followed me: Wait, I knew the corp of that guy: The same who gave me the kill for the inquisitor. I let him get passed me and acted like the unknowing exploration player who just wanted to get home. He fell for it and attacked. I immediatly locked him back, scrammed and sealed his fate in a duel of repping power. Dual rep+capbooster beats single rep.

 The Video:

 I think I get better at getting the videos done but I really need to switch the software for the editing soon. But for now: enjoy

And the chart:

Some words on gents

If you follow the news sites about eve you might have heard it: GENTS is closing. It was a pleasure flying with them and depening on how the decision of my corp will be there might be a change of location for me. If we should move I will need a few days to settle in the new location. For now I try to continue and blow spaceships up! Farewell alliance: You were the best thing that could happen to me.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Omen: Lasers are magic

As you might see, I have a bit of an Amarr focus right now. It might be, because I love lasers. But don't worry: Next ship will be from another race.

With Fanfest announcment over CCP made things a bit harder for me: 4 more ships to do, but I will enjoy that, as the Mordus Legion ships will hopefully be awesome.


The Fitting

I wanted to practice some kiting so I chose to go with a MWD kiting setup. This is the result of some EFTing:
The speed should be enough to get away from most cruisers. If you can stay somewhere arund 18-22 km from the target everything should be fine.

The Kill

I could tell you the story of how i roamed around in this ship: The thing is: I went from Geminate over the Spire down to Immensia and through highsec (with two active wardecs) back to Vale. I was close to engaging some people but I was never able to really do anything but in return nothing engaged me, that I couldn't escape.

I was also checking Pure Blind, Tribute and Geminate when I had spare time. Again: Nothing.

Three days later I was just checking P3-ENE again (you know: The entrance to Vale.). I intendet to land on the Obe gate bubble someone set up. I burned off a bit, so I would be out of scram range for anyone who would land. And there it was: A Navy Hookbill. I hoped he wouldn't be able to catch me too fast so I aligned directly away from him, but he wasn't really catching up. Seeing his speed and beeing tracking disrupted by him I went in a bit closer to apply full dps again. When he was close to going down I just approached to lower my transversal and land the killing blow:

This fit wouldn't be very special if it wasn't for those Storyline Rocket Launchers. They are over 5 mil each and I was able to loot them. That should pay for the next frigate. Thanks to that his ship was worth enough to count in for the solo kill.

As always:

With Gents disbanding there might be some director work ahead of me, so I won't have much time for roaming. Hopefully that problem will be solved in the next week so I can go out to shoot people.

You can always leave a comment what ship/race/size you would like to see.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Coercer Video

Hello all you readers. I finally looked at all the Videomaterial of my roams with the coercer (over 3 hours) and cut out the interesting parts, put them together and commented them. Now here is the question:

More voice comments on the videos or back to music and written commentary?

Anyway. Here is the Video for you to check: