Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vexor: MOAR fights!

Once more it took me some time to get the next ship don, but as a compensation I bring you a total of 5 fights. But first lets talk about the fit I used:

The Fit

 The Vexor is one of those ships you could shield tank, if you want to. If you do, you get a lot of dps out of that hull. I prefer armor tanked ships as it frees up the midslots for all the utility you need, so this is what I used:

Looking at it now there would have been more utility in swapping the highslots for one or two neuts and some autocannons. As with most ships with an active armor tank I like to carry some exile boosters with me to boost that armor tank and in the video you will see, that it saved my life doing so.

So what are the alternative fits for this? As I said before, you can go with a shield tank to max out dps:

You get an extra 197 dps (with Navy Antimatter), but no active tank and only 4k more EHP then the armor rep version.


When you talk about a drone boat you also need to concider what kind of drones you want to take with you. The Vexor gives you a 125 m² dronebay and 75 Mbit bandwith. You can tailor the dronelayout on what you expect to fight. As I was going for other cruisers, but also expected some frigates, here is my layout:

2 Ogres, 2 Hammerheads, 1 Hobgoblin (75 m³), 5 Warriors (25 m³), 5 Hornet Ec-300 (25 m³)

If I get full tackle on a target the max dps set hits them pretty hard. Against frigs the warriors are a good choice and if I want to bail out the ECM drones can get rid of one ship thats tackeling you. If you expect only small ships you could just go this layout:

5 Valkyries, 5 Hobgoblins, 5 Warriors and 5 Hornet EC-300

The Fights

So now comes the fun part. The time of recording for this fights stretches over the last few month, so here is the video:

And here are the killmails:

For the Griffin in the first fight:

But I lost the Vexor:

Here is the Thorax:

As you see its a new player and so the fit is not that good.

Here is the Caracal:
And the Svipul:

I had many more fights in Vexors, but I often forgot to hit the record button. Check out my killboard and you will very likely find some of those kills.

And here is the part that I like to have in every blog: The big list of ships:

Thanks again for reading this. Always feel free to comment and tell me what ship you want to see next.