Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Coercer: Dying much?

I started my Journey to get a kill with this ship a few weeks ago and learned some valuable lessons. Lost some coercers, but in the end I had a lot of fun with it.

The Fitting

I used two diffrent fits with this one. The first is an active armor rep coercer:

It preformed really bad, but more to that later.

The second fit was without any real tank and all about kiting:

Even those pesky Condors and a crows can be hit when you make sure they are not able to keep a steady orbit by changing your direction.

Getting a kill in this ship took a long time. My first attempt was on the 29th of march and I finished this one on the 26th of April. I lost a good bunch of ships in the process, but you can read that now:

First Stop: Pure Blind

I started the journey for the kill in Pure Blind, as I hoped to find another good fight there. I roamed around, shot a cynoship to provke an undock: Nothing happend. I continued strolling around. I was waiting at a gate as I thought a frigate was following me and NPCs started shooting me. I started hitting armor so I docked up in a system next door to repair. Seconds after I undocked another ship follows: An Eires. The station is a kickout so I needet to make a fast decision. I decide to engage and make the mistake of approaching that guy and not trying to orbit him.
As blasters are the deadliest weapon up close I should have tried to stay around scram range. Due to his bubble he would not be able to warp away any way. I made the range mistake more then once, but I think now I learned not to do that any more.

The footage of that fight will be in the video at the end of this post.

Next Stop: Vale of the Silent

I was going through Tribute again when I encountered a PL bellicose. As PL are notorious hotdroppers there was a good chance of him beeing a cyno, but where is the fun in not trying? As the fights all took place on gates I always had the change to jump out, if I wouldn't agress him. As I pulled range before engageing he would not be able to catch up: He jumped. We did that game three  more times and as three is the charm I came to close the last time: I got scrammed and died.

Three days later: Another Coercer in may hangar wanted to get blown up. P3, the entrance system in nullsec was a good idea to start. I didn't have to wait long to find a dramiel. The chances aren't really good for a coercer, but you never know before you try:

Dramiel are beasts and I can't wait to use the one waiting in my hangar.

Going south

I wanted to meet new people and the best way to do so is to go somewhere new. Thanks to the Jumpbridge network of the CFC there is a highway from Vale all the way to Querious. I stopped in Delve for some pasta to go:

He was sitting on a perch from a JB in that system. I was luring him into attacking me. He warped downand I was able to attack him. He was going down quickly and suddenly he explodet: POS guns!

So this is not a real solo kill. Onwards to more carnage.

Catching Curse

Catch and Curse: Two regions filled with content right now: Hero coalition moving into new space, NPC curse dwellers and Proviblock not far away. After I killed the Trasher in Delve I continued my journey towards the south and endet up with 3 East India frigates on a gate. I burned back (which sucks with AB) and jumped. On the other side I was a bit to slow, so a crow landet and pointed me. The Caracal gang that was with that Crow did the rest:

Three days later I managed to get a kill in the Rupture. Beeing happy about it I gave the Coercer another shot. Kiting fit this time. I went to Sendaya in hope of some Brave Newbs around: Nothing to be found, they just undock in bunches.

Doril is normaly a rather hostile system but right now Razor Alliance (again: Blue to me :( ) is using it to have fun. I jumped into the system and saw a neutral Atron floating in space. I warped to a bubble close to him and managed to shott him. When he was nearly dead he started moving: Someone was a bit slow that day:

I stayed around that gate a bit longer and the same guy showed up again:

The fight with a trasher was a close call, as his arties were hitting pretty hard. Anyway: Afterwards I was happy with the fights I had and went home again. One more ship done:

I will need some more time for the video on the coercer as I need to convert a few hours of material so I can do the editing. I will post it on the weekend (hopefully).

A special thanks to Saul Nessus for his donation to my project. It will help me spend more time on hunting instead of making isk.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rupture: Welcome to the Jungle (or Providence)

Before I start going through the kill and all the other lovely things I engaged with I need to talk about the last weeks:

I lost a ton of ships. Coercers, Stabbers and Thorax. I made kills, but nothing that qualifies for this blog so I need to keep going. Thats one of the reasons I went so far south. A big shoutout to the "Bringing Solo Back" Ingamechannel. The people in there are really cool and kind of helped me finding a good entrance system where I not die instantly to Ishtars/Dominixes.

Eventhough I loose more ships then usual, this whole project brings back a lot of fun! But now to the Rupture. As always we start with

The Fit

This fit was given to me by Gorski Car from PL. Its straight forward and the tank is really nice on it. WIth a cost of around 24 mil its also a ship which is friendly to your wallte (compared with the basic active tank thorax which costs around 33 mil).

Burn (away from) Jita

Yes! Burn Jita is this weekend and I am a bad bad person and actually engaged in two ganks this weekend so far. After I saw, that no killright was made available on me I docked at 4-4 station and fitted up a Rupture, as I wanted to get out of TiDi for a bit. I set my Destination to Sendaya: I never fought Brave, but I really wanted to give it a try.

No, I normaly don't use that overview.
Arriving in the system there was my usual Problem: Blues. Razor is down there and they were playing with Brave. So I decidet to dive into Curse, advancing further to Catch. I encountered a Brave gang on the way and eventhough their scout spotted me they all jumped in and I could just crossjump and get away.

Providence: A Place to be

Next stop: Providence. I was just one jump in when I met a Vagabond on the gate. I knew I wouldn't be able to kill him, so I had two choices:

Warp off and trying to get rid of him or make him agress, so I can safely jump.

I wanted to warp off, but he pointed me, so I jumped. On the other side his friends were already waiting. How this all turned out? Watch for yourself:

Here is the killmail for your enjoyment:

And the loss shortly after:

For me it looks, like the cruisersize is the king class of solo PvP these days. Fast, good tracking from medium guns and decent bonuses.

Here is how far I am with my challenge now:

While I am writing these last lines I am on my way towards Sendaya again. Let's see, what this will bring me.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tristan: I have a bingo

YES! This one was quick and easy. And its my first bingo! But before I tell you more:

The Fitting

Pretty standart solofit for that ship: You get a good deal of DPS from the Drones and the rails also add a nice bit of dps. If someone should try to kite a bit of spike will give them hell and chase them off.

Shiny Pod

Having assembled my first Tristan the first route to take was the usual pipe in Tribute. So if you want to try and get me, this might be a good area:

As a lot of CFC alliances put drag bubbles on the gate so its nice to hang out there and just wait for a ship to come through. I was lucky when a pod appeared on my Dscan and I was able to kill him:

Shiny killboard padding! But: Thats not enough, I wanted a ship kill. So when I reached M-O i decidet to go to FW once more, as it had been some time since I was there.

The Real Kill

Back to factional warfare. The usual checking of novice plexing was on. The first few just had warpcore stabbed people in there. Those are SO annoying. I really hope there will be a way to stop that kind of gameplay. Finally there was a rifter on dscan for the plex. Here is the video about what happend: (embeddin seems not to work at this point)

If you just want to read: The moment I land on the acceleration gate there was another ship with me: A Tormentor. I engaged him and he didn't long thanks to high dps.

"Thats a bingo!" "You just say bingo"

First row completed.

So whats up next:

Coercer, Stabber and Thorax are ready to go. I think there were enough frigates covered for the next few blog entries.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Videos for the Condor

I finally finished uploading the Video for some of my great Condor losses. Enjoy:

Navitas: Keep Calm and Pull range

And another one down. This was a lucky encounter in Vale of the Silent. Normally that region is pretty dead but I caught someone looking for good frigate pvp. But before I tell you the story:

The Fitting

This is the same fit like the one I used on the Inquisitor. Both ships behave very similar and the slotlayout is nearly the same:

The first attemped and respect in space

I tried this ships a few weeks ago, but failed. I was able to catch a condor zipping around Tribute. We were brawling it out and I was winning, when the gate we were fighting on activated and a sabre came through. Those are just pure death for any frigate thats getting caught.

As I normally do, I link the blog in local after I die or when I kill someone (advertisement in space \o/) so he started reading it and convoed me. We started chatting a bit and he told me, that he is camping the pipe with two toons from diffrent alliances, so its harder to know, that they work together. And its not for the good fights. Its for farming shipwrecks ^^

I met him more often afterwards and we have something like a non agression packt now. I am not disturbing his business, he is not killing off my frigates.

The actual kill

I made it! I finally recordet a whole fight and here it is (yes, it even has 1080p resolution):

I had that guy on dscan a bit earlier, but he went back to the adjacent lowsec. When he reentered local I set up on the only outgate and waited for him.

As you can see I was a bit to close at the beginning of the fight and he would have had me with a few more close shots on my ship. But I turned the fight around and was happy that I took the last Barrage ammo with me that was left in my hangar.

And here is the final killmail:

Like always: Lets take a look at the chart:

Just the Tristan is left until the first row is finished. I look forwards to some bigger ships after that one.

If you have suggestions, a ship you want to see or any other feedback, leave a comment. If you want to support me, send ISK to "Tremer Latan" ingame.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Condor: Changing the rules

It has been some time since my last post but this just took forever. My newest hunting ground now is Pure Blind and it yieldet some nice fights. Here is my fitting:

This is the first time I actually tried kiting ... and I failed horrible. I have a lot of video footage, which I still need to do some cutting on.

The tactic on that ships is pretty easy: Orbit at 18-20 km, point the enemy, rangedisrupt the enemy guns and fire. If someone slingshots you and comes close to scram range, use the overheated web to get away again.

Things that you shouldn't engage: Missile boats and Interceptors. They are just too fast or won't be effected by the tracking disruption.

As I said earlier I started hunting in Pure Blind:

 Condor vs. Sabre

My first encounter with the Condor might have been a great kill. I found a Sabre sitting on a gate and baited him to the other side. Knowing how diffrent guns look like is a big help: Look at your enemy and know if he is longrange or shortrange fitted.
This Sabre had Autocannons so I tryed to kite him. This actually went really successfull and I was able to chew through his shield. Until I let it slip and he was able to get far away enough to let me loose my point. Sad thing, I could have killed him

Condor vs. Sentinel

So I jumped into a system with lots of bubbles on the gate and a lonely Sentinel. I kind off underestimated the neut range on that ship and he was able to shut down my mwd and everything else. I died pretty quick:

Condor vs. Group

I came back to PB a day later and started playing around with a malediction. I knew those guys, as they were the ones from the Inquisitor kill. I made some big mistakes here: One of it was getting to close, when trying to seperate them. Another Condor dead:

Condor vs. Hawk

Once more back to Pure Blind. Same guys as before ... I played with them and tryed to get them off the station. One of the hawks was motionless on the station so I started attacking him. I came in a bit to close and he came to live, burning towards me and scramming me. And getting scrammed is death to this fit:

Back Home

So I went to Vale and started to chase everything showing up. I hunted down to Herons ... good bye scanners:

and the second one:

As I want to get to some other ships done this should do it this time. Here we go:

Yes, I know ... its diffrent from what I said with the definition of a solo kill, but I want to move on with this project. So here we go. What will be next?