Thursday, August 7, 2014

A light on the Horizon

Hey Everybody,

So this is the first Blogpost which is not directly about spaceships, but more about me playing this spaceship game we call Eve.

The last few month saw me playing less and less. This is to one part from a busy RL and duties in my corp. This all killed the fun in this game for me. I stopped logging in and nearly let my account subs run out.

But here I am now and I made a decision: I will move away from Nullsec, into FW for a bit. This should give me the possibility to explore some new ways to pvp, make the game more casual and take away some responsibilities.

But hey: That won't happen immeditaly. I need to gather tons of materials around null and move everything into one place. At the end of this month I will go on a long vacation, but afterwards I really hope to kick it again.

So yeah: More targets will hopefully create more fun. So everybody: expect a new pace in this blog soon.