Monday, December 15, 2014

Stabber: Doom for Tackle

Welcome back! Once more I was in a time of change, but now with beeing done graduating I can finally do fun things like playing Eve again. And I am back in Nullsec ... But this is all not interesting, because you came here for the kills. Let do this.

Today I bring you the Stabber. I had a lot of kills with it a few month ago, but I always forgot to hit the record button. Thats why I decided to always record these days. Here is the fit I used:

This fit is a dedicated kiting ship. Just burn away from whatever is chasing you and try to kill it before it reaches you. Most people would put 220 mm autocannons on this fit and free up another rig slot with that. I prefer this setup for the higher damage and range.

So I don't need to type that much here is the Video:

As I said in the Video: Please give me some feedback on those.

And here are the kills for you to look at:

And last, but not least: The chart to see how far I progressed with my plan: