Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cyclone: We are back in business!

Hey Spaceship friends,

After a monthlong vacation and some away time from eve the blog is finally back! I want to start out with a ship I had in my hangar for some time now: The Cyclone.

The bonus to shield boosting and launcher rate of fire makes it a perfect hull for soloing. As I haven't seen many cyclones around people will probably underestimate you in that ship and will grind their teeth on your tank! So here is the fit I used:

The jump drive is my counter against crow/condor gangs you can see often around null and lowsec. As they normally don't have scrams you can just align, jump out and go directly into warp. The rest of the fit is rather obvious. Its not for catching people, but for making them engage you and then wreck them in close combat.

So lets get to the part, where things blow up. I tried to do some video editing and here is what I came up with:

Please leave some feedback on the Video! I tried another software for the edit and think that I get to the point where I really like the results. I just need to get a good microphone.

So lets take a look at the killmails:

The first kill was this Retribution. It looks like a normal fit exepct for the mod and rig for cap stability. A waste of slots in my opinion. He didn't used his rep during the fight, so maybe I neuted him completly or he was just afking.

And here is the Thorax. Shield Thorax! Thats why he took so long to loose his shields. For that kind of ship thats a standart fit, so nothing exeptional there.

And a basic shield Thrasher. He could have kept a bit more range from me!

If all the enemies that were on field would have worked with a bit more coodrination they could have killed me, but lucky for me, they warped in one by one. So this ship is done for my challenge:

 Just as a sidenote I want to give you another fitting option for the ship. Its tankier then the other one and people need a lot of DPS to get that one down:

I have no idea, what I will do next: I will just try to use up the ships I have in my hangar and if I get a kill and record while doing so, you will see it. Until then: Fly dangerous!