Thursday, June 19, 2014

Prophecy: The promised land

First off I need to apologize. My real life comes in the way of writing.

This is my first Battlecruiser I ever flown in solo pvp for this blog. I haven't planned on taking this one, but I was streaming and someone said he wanted to see something with drones. Warping with it wasn't fun, but more of that later:

 The Fitting

So I tried something new: Armor Buffer and lots of tackle!

So the moment tackle gets applied, things will die. Thanks to the big dronebay you can have a very flexible loadout. Here is what I took with me:

3 Ogres
5 Hammerheads
5 Hoboblins
5 Warriors
5 Vespa EC-600

For max DPS i would have dropped 2 ogres, 2 hammerheads and 1 hobgoblin. The rest is there for whatever I need them.

So what is this promised land?

As I said before I was streaming while this whole battle happend. I first died in a Maller in Geminate, just to reship and get back on the way I wanted to go: alle the way to Catch/Curse/Provi. If you look at the situation its a real paradise (or promised land) for all sizes of PvP. With Hero, Provi beeing there a lot of other enteties get drawn to the scene and this also results in lots of small gangs going through the region.

 Most of the roaming was just warping from Gate to Gate and man: Those Battlecruisers really suck in that point. Warps over 100 AU are long enough for you to take a relaxed bio break and strive for worlddomination in real life.

So hours later I finally arrived in the destinated area, just to see, that nothing is going on in Curse. Looking at the map there were a few kills and people in space in one pipe. I checked the killboard to see, that there was a small frigate/destroyer gang: Perfect for me.

So I arrived at the destination to find a little camp. They were all just there for me. I went for the Interdictor first. He popped rather fast:

Next one was a Crow which came into my Range. With a scram and two webs on him he wasn't able to escape the drones:

I went for another crow, but he was able to escape my scram and I missed dropping another drone after one was destroyed. So I went down in a fire:

Looking at it ISKwise, I won. Fun wise: I definitly won, with them loose two ships to a single one. So here is the recording from the stream (yes, thats me there^^)

So this is one more ship done:

Time to get on writing for the other ships I have kiled so far.

If you enjoy this blog and want to see me use a specific ship, just leave a comment.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Dragoon: Suddenly Doublekill

Neuting Time!

When CCP announced the new destroyers with Retribution I was amazed. Now that I do much more pvp then I did while that expansion was around the enjoyment those new ships give me is even more. My most favorite of the 4 new destroyers was and is the dragoon, from which I have a good bunch lying around to fight small frigates roaming through our space. So one day I thought I just take it into a neighbouring region, but sadly I didn't had my recording programm up, so no video this time.

The Fitting

I used a basic neut/dps fit with a bit of tank on it. You will find some full tank and some full dps fits on the internet, but I like that this here is versatile.

The Cap might be a problem, but with a bit of management, there shouldn't be a problem.

The kill and the death

I just wanted to go a bit into Geminate, which is not far away from Vale as I had a few minutes of time for actually flying spaceships. I didn't even bother to turn on OBC (the programm I use for recording), which is sad, as this was a really good.

The fight happend in FDZ4-A, where the alliance Advent of Fate normally blopps everybody who goes there. This time it wasn't that way. I jumped and a lonely crow was with me on the gate. The feared beeing kited made me get close to the gate and eventhough it was unexpected, the crow crashed with me and I was able to get a tackle and start going to work on it. It died quickly to the combined dps of my drones and missile launchers.

I warped out the moment his friend arrived on grid and directly warped back, while I repped up some armor damage. On grid the jaguar was in my engagement range so it was time to get to work. A hawk also appeared on grid and with my last bit of structure left I was able to kill the Jaguar:

The Hawk was able to get the final shot on me:

As I sad before: No recordings for this fight, but here is the chart:

Looks like all the T1 amarr destroyers are done for now. So whats up next? Stabber, Prophecy and Brutix! I already made the kills, I have the recordings, all I need to do is get the writing done!