Sunday, June 7, 2015


Lets start sizing up the ships a bit again. I will start with Battleships soon, but for now you will need to enjoy. I will give you a little Sneak Peak about my future plans on the bottom of this blog post. Lets see, what I put on my Ferox:

The Fitting

Thanks to the utilization of the Micro Jumpdrive shortrange battlecruisers are now a viable option. All you need to be able to do is kill off everything in scram range and then moonwalk out. Thats what this fit is designed for:

The XLarge Ancillary Shield Booster should keep you alive long enough for it.

Back to Fountain

If you have read my previous post (the one about the Merlin), you know that I am living in the Gallente/Caldari warzone right now. I was bored and I took my Ferox out for a spin and encountered exactly nothing that wanted to fight me. As I was getting closer to the border of Cloud Ring I decidet to check out the regions I was fighting in earlier this year. So it took me some time to warp from gate to gate, but after some time I arrived at brave newbies staging system of YZ-LQL.

My Plan was to seperate some people and kill off tackle and MJD away after thats done. So I warped to the station at 100 km and waited. A few seconds later a Stiletto landet close to me, but burned out of scram and web range. As his friends started arriving and noone went in close I started spooling up the MJD to get away. The stiletto pilot saw that and went in for the scram, which was his death: Scram, web, drones and guns on him. At that point a full enemy fleet landet and with the MJD on cooldown I could only try to take down as many ships with me before I went down myself. Here are the Killmails:

And after that I went down:

So it was close to breaking even ISKwise. As always I have it recordet:

So what is this sneak peak I talked about earlier? Here it is:

And now to the ship chart:

More to come and I hope to release at least a blog post every week, hopefully more.

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