Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Something is moving!

Its time to revive this creeping piece of blog again. The ships are in place, the recording setup is configured, the skills are trained and the coffee is cooked.

Tomorrow at 19:00 Eve Time I will get this project back on its feet with a live stream. Join me on my twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/dementum89

And there are new ships to enjoy now as well. So here is the updated chart:

My goal for toromorrow is to finish of the Destroyers. I also have some bigger stuff ready to roll out with.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Breacher: Wait ... what rig does he have?

I am getting really motivated lately to write these posts. Maybe its the exam periode comming closer and I want to distract myself from that. ^^

This time I bring you a ship, that I encountered the first time in a fight, where the other person killed 3 people in it, before going down himself. We were all noobcharacters and mostly people without experience, but I still saw it as a really strong ship from that day.

My fit is something, that really break one of EVEs biggest fitting rules: Dual Tank!

Why a dual tank you might ask? Well: I want to have scram web and propmod in this ship, but also dont want to waste the shieldtank bonus. But just one module for tanking is a bit low. What to do, once that one is one reload? Right: Tank with the lowslots. I also need to break up my usual fitting behaviour a bit and try new stuff. Now onwards to the lonely kill I had for this ship. But dont fear: Its a special killmail.

Its just one of those days in lowsec: You roam around, always spam your directional scan and hope for that thing to show up that you can actually engage. Suddenly: A punisher. That looks great, so lets go for it. Warping into that noobplex, looking and fireing. Shields are going down fast (as expected) and armor starts going away. Slow ... very very slow. But hey: the incoming damage is easily tankable, so lets not hope for bait. The fight is dragging on for a bit and the armor keeps going down. After getting close to reloading the rocket launcher things are getting a bit more critical, as my armor drops. But the ASB reloads quick enough so shield is going back up again. After shooting even longer that guy finally goes down and its time to check that killmail:

Who is insane enough to slap T2 rigs on a T1 frigate? I have no clue, but I am happy for the killmail, made with a ship just costing 1/3 of the ship I killed.

I lost that breacher later to a Rifter, but it was worth it. Sometime things need to be sacrificed to the welp gods! I will leave that out on the video and just give you the punisher kill. Quick and easy:

So where are we now with the ships I still have to do:

I see an opening for the blackbird there (as someone suggested). I will fill that one as soon as possible, once I have edited the remaining footage I have from other ships. Things are going pretty good these days, but I am still open for further ship suggestions, so I can move those up in my priority list.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post. See you next time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Atron: Tackle gone wild

Yay, another blog post. I am still out in lowsec, having a lot of fun here. After I lost the the Atrons I bought I was richer with a few kills and once more with some experience, but before I get there, lets look at the way I fitted the ship:

Using the natural high speed of the Atron combined, with afterburner, scram and web its hard to get away from this little bastered. And once you get close this frigate can deal a lot of damage for a frigate.
Gallente ships with a build in amount of hull are good for exactly that: Hulltanking. So thats why I slapped on those hull rigs.

So about the fights: There is not a big story to tell this time. I had a few of these fights directly in the system I am staging out right now. Its Sujarento in the Citadel region.

The first fight went down after my last shipment . I decidet to take some Atrons with me, while looking at my ship chart. So after assembeling the ships I was ready to rock and roll. Undocking, warping to a novice Plex and there they were: A Condor and a Slasher on dscan. I checked a few times more and the Condor disappeared: Even if he just warped back out to catch me on the plexgate this was the opportunity to strike and seperate them. I warped in and landet close to the slasher. He started burning away, but I was able to get tackle on him. His afterburner speed was higher then mine, so I started overheating my AB to close range and switched ammo to null for higher range. Once I was able to apply damage to him he died quickly:

I docked back up and went offline for a bit, but returned later to try and get another fight. After a bit of roaming I encountered an Executioner in a novice plex. I totally undererstimated the damage and speed of that ship. I wasnt even able to get off all my aar charges:

This is a thing that I still need to learn and work on: Estimating the speed of ships. There is no need to know the exact numbers, but its always good to know the order of speed in one ship class (in this case the T1 attack frigates).

So the next one was interesting: A mirror matach. Once more back in Sujarento I was looking for some quick action, so this guy in the novice complexe was perfect for me. I was waiting for some brawling, but instead I encountered a kiting setup. After some dancing around I was able to get tackle on him, and we all know how that ends for longrange ships:

And another one. THis time it was something, that gave me great pleasure: Killing a stabbed plexer. He tried to fight and could have warped out, but he didnt reacted fast enough:

Now to the last one: I was roaming and saw two frigs on dscan once more. I warped in at range to check, if they were allied or fighting. As they were fighting I was going to third party. Naturally I choose to engage the more expensive ship, a Republic Fleet Firetail. He died rather fast, as he was already damage from the fight. More ships warped in, but it was already to late for the RFF:

Blasters at close range hurt.

Once more I give you a video of all the action:

With this another ship is completed for this challenge. And once more you get the overview of what is done and what is to come:

I always like to get some feedback or you can tell me, what ship you like to see next. See you for the next ship.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Lets start sizing up the ships a bit again. I will start with Battleships soon, but for now you will need to enjoy. I will give you a little Sneak Peak about my future plans on the bottom of this blog post. Lets see, what I put on my Ferox:

The Fitting

Thanks to the utilization of the Micro Jumpdrive shortrange battlecruisers are now a viable option. All you need to be able to do is kill off everything in scram range and then moonwalk out. Thats what this fit is designed for:

The XLarge Ancillary Shield Booster should keep you alive long enough for it.

Back to Fountain

If you have read my previous post (the one about the Merlin), you know that I am living in the Gallente/Caldari warzone right now. I was bored and I took my Ferox out for a spin and encountered exactly nothing that wanted to fight me. As I was getting closer to the border of Cloud Ring I decidet to check out the regions I was fighting in earlier this year. So it took me some time to warp from gate to gate, but after some time I arrived at brave newbies staging system of YZ-LQL.

My Plan was to seperate some people and kill off tackle and MJD away after thats done. So I warped to the station at 100 km and waited. A few seconds later a Stiletto landet close to me, but burned out of scram and web range. As his friends started arriving and noone went in close I started spooling up the MJD to get away. The stiletto pilot saw that and went in for the scram, which was his death: Scram, web, drones and guns on him. At that point a full enemy fleet landet and with the MJD on cooldown I could only try to take down as many ships with me before I went down myself. Here are the Killmails:

And after that I went down:

So it was close to breaking even ISKwise. As always I have it recordet:

So what is this sneak peak I talked about earlier? Here it is:

And now to the ship chart:

More to come and I hope to release at least a blog post every week, hopefully more.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Merlin: Blapping Faces

Hello Everybody. Yes, I am back and I am here to make this blog interesting again.

So I went back and read all the things I wrote during the beginning and I saw that those posts were much more like a good story. My last posts where much more just on the kills themself, not really about the experience I made on my way there. So here is my way of changing that again. But before I sit down for some storytime lets look at the ship I wanted to get a kill in and ended up getting much more.

The Fitting

The Merlin is a really big bastard. With a natural inertia modifier of 3,6 its one of the worst frigates you can pick. Its also one of the slowest frigates. So what is it actually good at?

Well: With a damage and a shield restist bonus it can deal lots of damage and take some beating. The only problem: You need to be able to apply that damage. So here is the fit I used:

The Nanofibre is compensating for some of the bad agility and speed stats of the ship. So what you want to do is get on top of your enemy and melt his face, while keeping your shields up with those two shield boosters. Kiting setups will kill you, so will most ships who fit a web, as they can easily disengage and get out of blaster range. Make sure to switch to null for that case. But enough about ships. Lets talk about people.

The Story of a Newbro

So from time to time I like to creat a new trial account and just stalk the newbie systems and channels. Sometimes I pick a person and bring my main character into the equation and see how I can help that person. One of those persons is regularly contacting me and joined factional warfare at some point. So he was asking if I was interested in a duel one day and I was. The Problem: He was in the Placid area and I was in Vale with several wardecs making it hard to move through highsec. So I used a neutral hauler to get 2 Merlins ready and started moving my pod.
This was the day I started to realize how common smartbombing podkillers are during EU prime. Anyway: with the third try I finally arrived at the destination and got my ships ready and we started nuking it out at the sun. He brought a Tristan, a ship that is one of the best T1 frigates these days. But thanks to a really strange fit from his side I won:

As you see, he tried to make that ship capstable. So I talked a bit with him again and he wanted a rematch as he had another ship ready. This time he brought an Incursus:

This time he went for kiting, but I was able to get a scram on him. He actually didnt knew, that the scram deactivates the MWD. Adorable new players. So I gave him some isk to replace those ships and gave him some advice on the way.

Just here for the fights

Thats my motto for these days. So I deployed to the Citadel with an alliance sig, but I decided to stay there after the inital task was over. After I brought over some ships it was time to explore the Caldari-Gallente warzone.

I have to feel a bit ashamed about that first kill with the Merlin, as I fell for the temptation of using an offgrid booster. I have one trained, primarily for fleets, but in this specific case it might have saved my life.
So I engaged a Slasher in a complex. Here comes the Problem I talked about earlier: The speed of the Merlin. The Slasher had an Afterburner, a nanofibre and tracking disruption. If it wasnt for the propmod speed links I would have never been able to get close enough to actually apply my dps onto him. But in this case I did and he died:

Often Boosts can tip the scale of an engagement or make active tanked ships incredible strong. I will keep on trying not to use a booster for my fights. I might reconcider it, once my ships start costing 1bil+.

Now lets get to the next fights. I killed two Tristans. The first one was nothing special: I warped in on him, went in close and killed him:

The next one is more interesting. I played with this guy on a station for a bit and realized, that he was MWD fitted. So I went into a Novice Complexe and preheated AB and Scram. Once he landet I tried to close range as fast as possible and get that scram on him. As this was successfull he died rather quickly:

I have one more fight left for this ship and the last one was also the best. Like the last fight with the Tristan I was able to position myself in a complex. An Executioner warped in on me so once more I overheated the AB and the scram. The first seconds in a fight like this are imporant. If I get an inital scram the fight is easy. Otherwise I would need to try and slingshot the enemy into my scram range. But this time I was lucky and killed him:

A few seconds before he dropped a Tristan warped in. I finished off the Executioner and started engaging the Tristan. While we were brawling it out a Tormentor warped into the plex and engaged me, too. I finished off the Tristan in deep structure and exploded just a few seconds later.

And here is my lossmail:

I lost more ships on my way to get these kill, but none of them are worth mentioning. And now here is the good part: I have recorded everyone of those fights, so here is a video for you to enjoy. Recording and watching your own module management makes you realize a lot of mistakes you make. I can only recommand it for everyone to try it.

And to finish this rather long post off, I will give you the ship chart. I updated it with the new T3 Destroyers:

I hope you enjoyed this post. See you next time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vexor: MOAR fights!

Once more it took me some time to get the next ship don, but as a compensation I bring you a total of 5 fights. But first lets talk about the fit I used:

The Fit

 The Vexor is one of those ships you could shield tank, if you want to. If you do, you get a lot of dps out of that hull. I prefer armor tanked ships as it frees up the midslots for all the utility you need, so this is what I used:

Looking at it now there would have been more utility in swapping the highslots for one or two neuts and some autocannons. As with most ships with an active armor tank I like to carry some exile boosters with me to boost that armor tank and in the video you will see, that it saved my life doing so.

So what are the alternative fits for this? As I said before, you can go with a shield tank to max out dps:

You get an extra 197 dps (with Navy Antimatter), but no active tank and only 4k more EHP then the armor rep version.


When you talk about a drone boat you also need to concider what kind of drones you want to take with you. The Vexor gives you a 125 m² dronebay and 75 Mbit bandwith. You can tailor the dronelayout on what you expect to fight. As I was going for other cruisers, but also expected some frigates, here is my layout:

2 Ogres, 2 Hammerheads, 1 Hobgoblin (75 m³), 5 Warriors (25 m³), 5 Hornet Ec-300 (25 m³)

If I get full tackle on a target the max dps set hits them pretty hard. Against frigs the warriors are a good choice and if I want to bail out the ECM drones can get rid of one ship thats tackeling you. If you expect only small ships you could just go this layout:

5 Valkyries, 5 Hobgoblins, 5 Warriors and 5 Hornet EC-300

The Fights

So now comes the fun part. The time of recording for this fights stretches over the last few month, so here is the video:

And here are the killmails:

For the Griffin in the first fight:

But I lost the Vexor:

Here is the Thorax:

As you see its a new player and so the fit is not that good.

Here is the Caracal:
And the Svipul:

I had many more fights in Vexors, but I often forgot to hit the record button. Check out my killboard and you will very likely find some of those kills.

And here is the part that I like to have in every blog: The big list of ships:

Thanks again for reading this. Always feel free to comment and tell me what ship you want to see next.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cormorant: Oversize the Afterburner

Hey Everybody.

I am back once more and this time I put all of the relevant informations into the video. Let me know if you want to have the written text back again or if you prefer the blog with more video content.

And here is how far I am with the challenge: